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You’re ready to adventure through all the ‘what ifs’ you’ve been struggling with.

You’re ready to get focused, crush your fears and get back on track.

Once you’re crystal clear about your direction and we’ve mapped out your action steps…

I’ll be there to hold you accountable, call you out on your self-sabotaging habits and cheer you on after each big win! The FIRST STEP is to schedule a call…


During your ‘Breakthrough Session’ you will:


Get REAL about what’s working and what’s *not* in all areas of your life.


Complete a personality assessment to discover your IDEAL career path and work environment.


Uncover your BLIND SPOTS and verbalize what’s been holding you back.


Create an ACTION PLAN to get back on track!

(Receive a free mp3 recording of your session)

How to sign up…

1.  Use my scheduling system below to choose an appointment time

2. Submit payment $199 (50% off your first session = $99 total)

3.  I’ll reply with your intake forms and we’ll be on the phone very soon!

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What happens next?

At the end of your Breakthrough Session, I will recommend a coaching program based on your needs. I will not pressure you to continue. If working together feels like the right choice for you, then I want you to be aware of your options ahead of time…

Ongoing coaching ranges between:

$500 for 1 month program, 4 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

$1500 for 3 month program, 12 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

$3000 for 6 month program, 24 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

I’ll explain everything at the end of your first call.

Budget concern? 

I often get feedback from the women I’ve worked with saying they received more insight and motivation in our first coaching session than in years of struggling to figure it out on their own. (It’s worth giving it a try, right?)

“Mira has a gift for assisting others with tapping into their true selves, their life desires, and is just an all around motivational and beautiful soul. She has been a godsend in my life. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. If you’re even slightly considering contacting her. DO IT!”

Alex Muller

“Mira’s personality is so welcoming it is easy to open up and explore your true potential. Working with her has helped me to realize both personal and professional goals.  She truly is amazing at producing results that you can measure. I recommend Mira to anyone ready to see success in their lives!”

Teshlon Chevae

“Because of Mira my business is set for a successful launch and my confidence has grown immensely. If you’re considering whether or not to give her a try– just do it! Best investment in both myself and my business that I’ve ever made.”​

Kayli Schattner

You deserve to feel supported and I want you to get what you need to move forward.

Take advantage of the discounted breakthrough session for only $99 by booking your appointment now.


Let's find a time that works for us both: