How does coaching work?

Coaching is an equal partnership between the coach + client where both parties are 100% committed to the client’s success. That means that as your coach, my full attention is on helping you.

I am an expert at designing a fulfilling life and you’re an expert at YOU.

Together we explore what you need help with, uncover what’s been holding you back, get clarity about the next steps and conduct regular sessions to keep you on track with your new goals.

Most sessions happen over the phone or via Skype. Sometimes I will meet local clients for lunch in-person depending on my availability and travel schedule.

How much are your services?

Ongoing coaching ranges between:

$500 for 1 month program, 4 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

$1500 for 3 month program, 12 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

$3000 for 6 month program, 24 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week (+ text messages between sessions)

I’ll explain everything at the end of your discounted “Breakthrough Session” (first call)

I often get feedback from the women I’ve worked with saying they received more insight and motivation in our first coaching session than in years of struggling to figure it out on their own. 

My advice is to do your research. Have a first session with two or three different life coaches and you’ll know/feel who is the best fit for you. The investment will absolutely be worth it if you’re working with the right person.    

How soon can I schedule our first session?

I can usually accept new client session within a week of your initial contact. Visit the ‘work with me’ page to get started!

Do you work with clients outside of Los Angeles?

I can work with English speaking clients anywhere in the world via Skype (video sessions). You must have a good internet connection and be willing to work within my business hours (time zones considered). Schedule your Breakthrough Session to get started and we’ll take it from there…

What are your appointment times and days?

I accept appointments Monday through Thursday 9am PST until 5pm PST. I will make some exceptions outside of those times, just ask me in your initial contact. Click here to schedule.

How often would I work with you?

Some clients will set up their first session and get so much value from it that they are able to move forward on their own.

Many clients seek ongoing support and will either opt for a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month series. I find that many clients do well to start with three months and then we can adjust from there if you still need support. The pricing is listed above.

How many sessions does it take?

This depends on your starting point and your goals. Have you been involved in personal growth work for many years or are you just getting started? Each client is unique.

You may work with me anywhere from one session to three months to a whole year. It really depends on whether you’re only looking to resolve something specific or you want to totally transform your life.

I know you market to women, will you also coach men?

My entire practice is catered to the needs of women, so if you identify as a woman (LGBT friendly) then I am happy to assist you. If not, I will gladly make a referral to a qualified coach. Just send me a message using the pop up in the right corner of the page.

I’m not in my 20s or 30s, can you still help me?

For the group sessions, I do require that clients fit this demographic because everything I cover in these sessions is designed with millennials in mind. For one-time sessions or VIP coaching, I can work with women of any age. Consider setting up a breakthrough session to see if we vibe!

How do I know if coaching will work for me?

You might be a little skeptical. I understand that it can be difficult to know whether coaching or working with ME specifically as your coach will benefit your situation. You’re probably asking yourself… “Will this work or will it just be a waste of money?” 

I believe in supporting you to make the right decision based on experience. The first step is to set up your breakthrough session so you can try it first. (There will be no pressure to continue.)

At the end of that first session we can make an informed decision about whether or not we’re a good match to continue working together regularly.

Coaching can completely change your life when there’s a good fit AND when both parties are 100% committed to the process. That means YOU will be required to show up for yourself and do the work 🙂

How is this different than therapy?

Therapy is appropriate for you if:

  • You have a mental health diagnosis that hinders your everyday life.
  • You struggle with substance abuse of any kind.
  • You have significant past trauma that’s unresolved.
  • You struggle with depression or anxiety which significantly impacts your ability to function.
  • You try to focus on the future, however, issues from the past continue to interfere.

^ If this is you, I recommend using the Psychology Today directory to find a therapist.

Coaching is appropriate for you if:

  • You consider yourself mentally stable, past issues resolved and want to address future goals.
  • You have a specific road block that you need help with, but it’s not in the realm of mental health.
  • You want to improve your confidence and spiritual growth.
  • You want to get clear about your passion and take action toward a new career path or business.
  • You are ready to make significant changes in your life.

(Coaching involves a lot of ACTION and requires you to be ready and willing to meet weekly goals)

^ If this is you, let’s talk!

Ready to get started?

I'm ready!
“Mira has a gift for assisting others with tapping into their true selves, their life desires, and is just an all around motivational and beautiful soul. She has been a godsend in my life. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. If you’re even slightly considering contacting her. DO IT!” Alex Muller

“Mira’s personality is so welcoming it is easy to open up and explore your true potential. Working with her has helped me to realize both personal and professional goals.  She truly is amazing at producing results that you can measure. I recommend Mira to anyone ready to see success in their lives!” Teshlon Chevae

“Because of Mira my business is set for a successful launch and my confidence has grown immensely. If you’re considering whether or not to give her a try– just do it! Best investment in both myself and my business that I’ve ever made.”​ Kayli Schattner

“Mira helped me to organize my thoughts and get a clear idea of what it is I really want to do with my life and my business, instead of staying stuck on the different “ideas” that I had.” Elena Flores