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New and aspiring entrepreneurs –here's how to find your niche and attract your ideal client🎬#AmbitionHour with Mira Joleigh

Posted by Mira Joleigh on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1/ What is a niche and why is it important?

2/ What is your industry and who is your ideal client?

3/ For those who are struggling (or once struggled) to narrow down your niche — what has held you back?

4/ Where does your IDEAL client hang out? How do you reach them?

5/ What do you wish businesses + marketers would STOP doing when they’re trying to reach to you? (what-not-to-do)

6/ What’s your BEST social media tip for branding, content or prospecting?

How To Find Your Niche + Attract Your Ideal Client
Article Name
How To Find Your Niche + Attract Your Ideal Client
Mira Joleigh, Life Coach and Business Mentor in Los Angeles helps you uncover the sweet spot between your expertise and the clients you're meant to work with.