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I’m Mira Joleigh, certified Life Coach in Los Angeles.

I’m free spirited and radically adventurous.

I’m fortunate to be doing what I love every day…

Coaching ambitious women in their 20s / 30s, contributing my voice to Feminist, LGBT and Social Justice activism and getting paid to play with makeup (my second biz is freelance makeup artistry with LimeLight by Alcone)

But it wasn’t long ago that I was deep in my “quarter life crisis,” …feeling seriously stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated and wondering if I’d ever make it.

Can you relate?

If so, I know exactly how you might be feeling.

Grab a green juice and read on!


These are the messages I receive from clients every day:

  • “I feel really stuck right now and it’s hard for me to get and stay motivated. I need a plan.”
  • “I have a job that pays the bills, but I know I’m meant to do much more.”
  • “I’m wasting my days wallowing in self-doubt that paralyzes me into inaction.”
  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding the next step. What I’m doing is not working,”
  • “I want to stop feeling small. I would like to love myself and be proud of myself.”
  • “I’m ready to take my business to the next level, but I really need help.”

(Trust me, you’re definitely not alone. This is a normal phase of coming into your power.)

The fact that you’re here right now means you’re on the verge of something big!

You deserve to be wildly successful and I’m here to cheer you on.

Together, we will map out a success plan to help you get focused, get in action and finally transition to a career and lifestyle you love.

I’ve been exactly where you are and I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you to take their lives to the next level. It’s totally possible.

The story of my quarter life crisis

Click play to hear all about my quarter life crisis…

I was part of the high school graduating class of 2000… the first of the ‘millennial generation’ to enter the workforce.

At age nineteen, I was the most ambitious person I knew.

I moved out of my parent’s house and paid my own way through college. (By age 22, I was making 50K)

I read all the personal growth books and went to all the seminars. I was obsessed with success, yet I was also afraid of success.  

By age 27, I had let this fear cripple me.

I found myself…

  • in an unhealthy relationship
  • living in a gloomy climate
  • isolated
  • struggling with depression
  • numbing out with drugs + alcohol
  • barely paying my bills
  • wondering “what went wrong???”

How did I get in such a bad place?

  I had spent my early 20s (after college) exploring different jobs, from corporate sales, marketing, advertising, graphic design to event planning, desperately trying to find a career that I could be passionate about.

Each new job title provided a great learning experience, but none held my attention very long. Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t find fulfillment working for someone else. I wanted to be a business owner, but I felt totally unprepared for the road ahead.

I flailed around working freelance graphic design, bartending, doing whatever it took to stay out of the corporate world.

For the sake of adventure (and the flexible schedule) I even tried working as an exotic dancer and later as a professional dominatrix. I was an expert at reinventing myself.

Miss Mia Fallon

Old photos of me bartending, dancing and being the ‘lady in charge’.

This was the point where I began to feel burnt out.   All of these experiences were valuable in their own way. However, these roles did not define me. I knew I was meant to make a much bigger impact in the world.

I was finally ready to face my fears and ask for help.

The key to my transformation

The first thing I did was work with a therapist to resolve my depression. (highly recommended if you are in a really dark place like I was)

When I was ready to take massive action, I hired a life coach. My coach helped me get started. She guided me onto the path I’d been secretly longing for all along, but was too afraid to follow.

  • She helped me get clarity.
  • She believed in me when I still had doubts.
  • She reminded me how to stand in my power.
  • She kept me accountable to what I said I would do.

Hiring a coach was truly the best investment I ever made


  • I started giving myself permission to dream big.
  • I left the unhealthy relationship.
  • I took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles.
  • I started surrounding myself with a new circle of positive-minded friends.
  • I started doing the things I love again.
  • I started nurturing myself.
  • I got really serious about my goals!

My life turned around rapidly

  The path was so clear. I had that tingle in my belly letting me know that I was on the right track.

I could literally FEEL the transformation.

New opportunities opened up every time I stepped out of my comfort zone in the direction of my dreams!  It was almost unreal.


Today I look back in awe of how strong I am and how far I’ve come.

I’ve found my passion and created my own success. I live in a city that inspires me, I’m married to someone I’m crazy about, I have an amazing circle of friends and my work feels like play.

Now I’m here to give back and be of service to my ‘sisters’ who are struggling like I was. I know how hard it can be doing this on your own. You deserve to live your dreams and it would be an honor to be your guide.

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11 Fun Facts About Me

  • My super power = seeing the best in everyone. (like x-ray vision to your potential)
  • I was raised in a military family and lived in 10 different states growing up, my favorite was Hawaii
  • I spent entirely too much time in college playing “The Sims” and trying to get abducted by aliens.
  • I’m a Pisces (it’s pretty accurate) and an INFJ < total introvert weirdo.
  • I’m all about trying things that scare me. I’ve held a tarantula, gone skydiving, walked across 30 feet of hot coals, gone cage diving with Great White sharks and shaved my head! < click to watch a video
  • I’m married to a woman. We had our fabulous costume-themed wedding in September 2015. She dressed as a unicorn, I was a futuristic angel. (photo above)
  • I plan to foster / adopt one day… I have zero interest in having biological kids.
  • I’m passionate about social + racial justice. It’s important to me to be a vocal ally in turning around the toxic attitudes and injustice affecting marginalized communities. (One of my fav websites:
  • My top inspiring celebrities are Rupaul, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga (fearlessly chasing their dreams, owning their truth and giving back to their communities)
  • I’ve been to Burning Man the past three years and I’ve officially found *my people*  )'(
  • I looooove green smoothies. I drink one every day. Ask me, I’ll give you a delicious recipe =)

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